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The Listening Project - Lizzo - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

The Listening Project - Lizzo - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Melissa Viviane Jefferson - Lizzo

Lizzo is not only an amazing singer, rapper, flutist, and songwriter but she is also a huge advocate for self-love and self-acceptance. She has been in the music industry since she was a small child. First starting out in Gospel, playing in her school marching band and taking flute lessons. She had to work extremely hard to get where she is. She studied Classical Flute Performance at the University of Houston and when she was 20 her father passed away. This devastated her and she moved to Minneapolis for a fresh start when she was just 20 years old. She became part of the cities thriving music scene and collaborated with many artists. In 2013 she launched her debut album, Lizzobangers, and toured the US and UK. A year later she worked with Prince on his album along with other high profile artists. In 2015 her second album came out called Big Grrrl Small World, which led to her record deal with Atlantic Records. She from here started using her Gospel voice training when writing the Coconut Oil EP, which she describes as a Self-Care Anthem for Black Women. In 2017, she toured with Haim and Florence + The Machine. That same year she released her single 'Truth Hurts'. She almost didn't continue on as an artist at this point, she felt extremely defeated and felt that the music industry did not care about her music. 

Fast forward to 2019 and she returns with her song 'Cuz I Love You', a month later this song hit #6 on Billboards 200 Albums Chart. This success triggered a ripple effect on some of Lizzo's previous pieces. In August 2019, Coconut Oil appeared on the Billboard 200, and 'Truth Hurts' reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. That year she received the most Grammy nominations of any artist. Present-day, everyone knows who she is and if you follow her on social media, have heard her interviews, or listen to her music you know that she embodies positivity. This did not happen overnight, this took a lot of hard work and heartache.

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This print is size 8" x 8". Printed in Ontario, on Luster paper. It is packaged with a chipboard backing and wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe.

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